From Pearl to Gems…. An exuberant training journey!

With Gems, GreenCross Training is driving innovation and empowering trainers and employees across globe, simplifying training operations while enriching training analytics through workplace training management solution.

So what magic spell did Eficaz provide this global trainer to hit the jackpot?


In order to become more responsive to the training needs, Eficaz provided a holistic software to Greencross Training, which was able to encompass all their requirements in a single platform, helping them ace their innovative training system.

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Greencross Training is a renowned leader in the First Aid and Health & Safety Training industry with over 29 years of experience, over 50,000 trainers, 50+ Venues and more than 4000 courses, providing innovative training to the UK’s largest brands like Coca Cola, Tesco, Dentsu, British Telecom, to name a few.



Initially, GreenCross Training burgeoned on the software, named Pearl, to train the employees on safety, compliance and wellbeing sector, ensuring a firm’s training and audit requirements were fulfilled. However, as the demands of training kept evolving, this application was unable to accommodate the necessary changes.



Four years ago, few hiccups in the code and features, confined the system’s accessibility to indispensible data and put the application’s vulnerability at stake. Due to the last straw, Greencross Training was charged with finding a solution that could better address these issues and improve the training experience.



On a thorough examination of the existing system, we realized that it is difficult to upgrade it along with the elephantine database out there. They wanted to scale their training program and build a sustainable framework for their training operations. Data had to be easily accessible and reportable as and when required, which meant data had to be actionable. Manual tasks ought to be automated, thereby reducing pressure on training resources. Hence, we zeroed down to revamping the system, i.e. transformation of the software from Pearl to Gems.


Greencross Training no longer depends on chasing the next best solution for delivering training,  spending time on analyzing data with spreadsheets (inefficient for speedy analysis), or fixing small complications for connecting multiple EdTech systems together.



  1. The system is able to add new features easily without hampering other elements
  2. Speedy performance – able to fetch data quickly
  3. Increase in Number of delegates
  4. Redundant time on documentation eliminated
  5. Job posting for trainers
  6. Easy Accessibility of certificates


Training teams are now able to leverage business intelligence with customizable reports, sketching out a complete picture of learners, programs and connecting the impact of training to the enterprise as a whole.


Thus, Eficaz future-proofed Greencross Training and they witnessed a staggering growth!


How about you?