LIBE | Eficaz Technology Solutions


Location, Activity or Date level search, making it easily choosable.

By entering just the required information, booking made simple, fast and easy.

Stay connected with Service Provider or Guide, all the time.

Calendrical view of activities and guide availablity for easy booking.

Allows to share experience in the form of rating and feedback.

Keeping always informed on updates either by Emails or Push Notifications.

LIBE helps to whisk you off far from the well-trodden tourist trail to explore & experience hidden retreats and enjoy local produce at its best. Where you visit makes the difference between a good holiday and an unforgettable one. That's why we at LIBE, take the greatest possible care in providing experiences that are truly exceptional in terms of style, location and service. With direct access to numerous bookable Activities as well as experienced Guides, travelers can easily discover and enjoy incredible experiences. Being on the mobile makes it easier for travellers to plan in advance or book on the go to skip long queues and sold out signs.